Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dakota hire Smokey

The city currently ranked as the 93rd angriest in the US, primarily due to their baseball team's awful bullpen has finally addressed the situation. After being swept by the heavy underdog Seminoles, GM Jason Wendt, whos previous claim to fame was being the best gringo jumping pool man in Mexico, hired the best fireman in the business. Last season the Dakota went with a veteran starter turned closer who blew up with an ERA over 100.00 in the playoffs (at least thats how the Dakota's 175 fans remember the stats). This year they went the opposite route and went with rookie, Andy Pagnozzi, who blew game 3. They tried a hippo, who like the GM spends 5 hours a day grazing and can eat up to 150 lb of food a day, and he blew game 2. They even tried a castoff from archrival Mexico City, Oswaldo Owen, who will always remain loyal to the Bandejos, just like Freddie Garcia and the White Sox.

But be prepared next season as the one person who can put out all fires is the new closer in Sioux Falls. Here's hoping Smokey can finally stop the madness in Sioux Falls, which currently sees more scoring than hometown favorite, Mike Martz' offense.

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