Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playoff Position

Well as the season approaches the home stretch there is very little drama left in the AL and gobs of drama in the NL.

Let's start with the boring part. Kansas City is a lock to win the AL North. Monterrey is a heavy favorite to win the AL South. In the AL West, San Francisco holds a 3 game lead over Colorado. Colorado is also 3 games out of the wild card, where Scranton holds the final spot.
(Richmond leads Baltimore by 4 games in the AL East with the runner-up a veritable shoe-in for the wild-card. That means only 1 spot remains up for grabs with Scranton battling the AL West runner-up for the last spot.

Scranton has 7 games remaining with SF (3 road, 4 home), but does not meet Colorado again. Colorado and San Francisco meet by the bay for a 3 game set in the next-to-last series of the season.

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