Monday, October 26, 2009

NKOTB Part 1: Los Angeles Dream Killers

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Dream Killers (NL)
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History: The Los Angeles franchise has remarkably only had two owners in its history. After starting out as the LA Banditos, the team stayed in LA but took on the Outlaws moniker. PirateFan would later move the team to Fresno in a deal that would make Al Davis proud.

Despite the consistent ownership, the franchise has never prospered. Nine 4th place finishes in thirteen seasons and just 1 playoff appearance have led to a jaded fanbase. Last year's free swinging lineup featured 7 players with 100+ strikeouts and another that managed 98 in just 487 ABs. While only 6 pitchers started games, none would sport a record over .500.

What Happened: With the city of Fresno renegging on its sweetheart tax incentives, PirateFan put the team up for sale in a distressed market. Who better to snap up the franchise than recent winner of the Power Ball, Powball. After winning a $400 million jackpot, the formerly quiet, shy actuary became a flashy, media darling. He moved to LA and set up his own studio - Dream Killers, which plans to make its mark by giving unknown actors and actresses their shot in big-budget films and TV series.

The Name: The Dream Killers are, of course, named for Powball's LA-based studio. In fact, the first season of the Dream Killers will be the topic of the studio's first reality series, Hard Balls, the story of the LA Dream Killers. The show will follow the team and it's players from spring training and through the season. HBO has agreed to pilot the show and promoters are promising at least brief nudity in each episode. "It's really a tribute to our favorite fictional sports TV show, First and Ten. We'll find a way to get some boobs in pretty much every show, whether it makes sense or not." Hold on NL West, this division just got a little more glamorous. Producers can't wait for the Dream Killers first trip to Las Vegas just after the All-Star Break.

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