Monday, July 27, 2009

NKOtB (kindof) Part Deux: Memphis Drillers

What Happened?: This woebegone franchise may have finally started to turn around. After 11 consecutive 4th place finishes, new owner threester combined managerial talents with the freefall of former contenders San Juan and Nashville to finish 2nd with a franchise-record 80 wins last season.

The team has been in Austin since a brief one-season stay in Mephis as the Shores under temporary ownership. While the Austin market is growing, threester has become increasingly concerned with his young players penchant for late nights on the University of Texas campus. Moreover, the move to Memphis is a direct attack on division rival Nashville's stranglehold on the Tennessee market.

The Fallout: Threester's well-documented Abba love-affair continues with the move to Memphis, allegedly the inspiration of lesser-known Abba hit, Summer Night City, which topped the charts in Ireland, Finland, and Sweden. WCM has learned that Threester is moving to Memphis is hopes of re-connecting with Frida Lyngstad, alledgely a frequent visitor to Memphis' famous Corky's BBQ.

Nashville owner drennantom is rumored to be officially protesting the move to the league office on the grounds that it violates his territorial rights. In all liklihood, he's more worried about losing Graceland as an inspiration to his team.

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