Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Discuss the Hall of Fame Again

So I tried to make the Hall of Fame as objective as possible and created a formula to come up with each players HOF Score. As is the HOF Score can only be used to compare batters to batters and pitchers to pitchers. I am more than willing to tweak the formula if anyone wants to help but I just wanted to create something that might get everyone on the same page or at least closer to the same page when it comes to voting.

The formula uses a sliding scale of 1 to 10 points for different statistical categories and assigns points as well for awards. I looked at the Top 5 in career statistics to help target the upper bounds of the scale.

Hitting Scale

Pitching Scale


MVP/Cy Young/Fireman - 4 Pts 
Silver Slugger - 2 Pts
Gold Glove - 2 Pts
All-Star - 2 Pts
World Series Ring - 1 Pt
Rookie of the Year - 2 Pts

Based on the above scales here is how the Current Hall of Fame stacks up.

And here are the nominees:

Here are the HOF Pitchers:

And the nominees

So based on my formula, I would make the case that Rico Lecuona, Rod Perez, Tony Baez, and Tom Davidson are the most worthy. 

For the final spot, it is easy to make an argument for any of the following: Lenny Ohman, Bartolo Gonzalez, Phil Martin, Jose Cordero, Vin Guapo, David Padilla, Mac Ventura, Santos Julio, Steven Hutch, or Max Lima.

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