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Hall of Fame - Season 28

Well, it's been a long time, but it's Friday, so I'm putting together something for the Hall of Fame.

Each year we argue and vote and then 1 or 2 guys gets in.  So, let's break it down a bit.

First - all data is available in a good doc -->  Feel free to check it out.

Each owner gets only 5 votes each season.  Players need 17 votes from the 32 owners to earn induction.  No submissions are made for owners that don't vote.  We've never inducted more than 3 in a season, and have had no inductees on several occasions.

I've also included a crude Award metric that places a relative value on awards won (AS, MVP, SS, GG, FIR, etc.).  I think this is a great way to get a starting point.

I'm breaking the nominees into 4 categories.  Starters, Relievers, Position Players, and Hitters.

There's been a ton of debate on the closers, so I'll lay those guys our separately with the relievers.  I think that makes it easier for everyone to break the ties in their own mind.

For the position players, I'm separating guys that played a real position from the DH/1B/LF types.  This may be unfair, but I feel like the defensive value gets short changed so maybe this will help.


Al Moreno3.612731360.6676033688.13270110302.963170011
Brian Jung3.542491510.623723350931261364382.292970010
Winston Silvestri3.711761430.5524772857.1258791572.832250001
Phil Martin4.042541680.6025753571.12745117612.332050000
Pablo Saez3.832101580.5714953308.1222797322.291230000
Ozzie Myers3.922411690.5886233633.23024117002.58820000
Pedro DeRojas3.892492160.5356534159.12929127512.30410000

Moreno's 273 wins is an impressive #.  His DOM (K/BB) is also the most impressive of the bunch.  While none of these guys stand out, I think his 7 all star games and the huge win # makes him the best of the bunch.

Jung also makes a solid case across the board (7 AS) and Silvestri would be right there if he'd had a logner career, but he's 700 IP shy of any other nominee.

The sleeper candidate is Pedro DeRojas, who won 249 games despite being second all time with 385 quality starts.


Rod Perez3.1232520.381784816.26942055403.394490400
B.C. Juarez3.4758740.4399021046.27083155362.252860200
Jose Silva2.8928450.384834860.16352435222.613470300
Magglio Merced3.5259660.47210621200.27923574322.2248100400
Fergie Reagan2.74117720.6191269214215195641472.692050000
Rob Shields3.9246520.4698711032.18433502872.412650300

This is a "Who's Who" of closers in Second City.  For reference - the All-Time Career Saves Leaderboard:

Player Stat
Rod Perez 540
B.C. Juarez 536
Clarence Schoendienst 535
Jose Silva 522
Carl Brooks 447

And the All-Time Save % leaders

Player Stat
Alfredo Cruz 0.913
Rod Perez 0.888
Jose Silva 0.879
Dan Bell 0.874
J.R. Barber 0.871

Perez, Silva, and Juarez are really tightly packed.  For my money, I'll take Perez.  He has the highest DOM and holds the saves record, plus is 2nd all-time in save %.  Silva and Juarez are certainly considerations as well.


Bret Davis0.2912575100101896291565420952710.5496.5%54101603B, 5th All time HR's, 3rd in RBI
Perry Hernandez0.321207984901612272830214443310.5093.6%4871413B/2B
Angel Mercedes0.27325939550130826043011279850.4213.2%468520SS 5 gold gloves
Jalal Rivera0.28220477838130322115621567220.5507.2%3440412B - below av
Max Lima0.362990394787614291125981450.5512.8%324312B Played seasons 1-9
Cody Hall0.283227788001628249449615254490.5215.6%3052303B
Kevin Canseco0.30723348867148127224261543240.5154.8%302151CF/2B
Matthew Harris0.271181966671102180832910653370.4844.9%265120SS/3B/RF
Alan Pall0.290169768291289197931611373230.5044.6%204020CF
Sparky Dessens0.28017845823111216294641163750.5738.0%1830302B/3B/OF

Bret Davis is 5th all-time in HR's, 3rd in RBI and he was an above average 3B throughout his career.  He made 10 All-star teams.  He's a no-doubter.

Jalal Rivera has the 3rd best HR rate of all candidates this year.  He was a below-average 2B, but at least he played a real position.  He was a terror during the middle of his career, but his streak of dominance was a bit shorter than most.

Angel Mercedes won 5 gold gloves at short stop.  That's a remarkable WIS accomplishment when you consider how quickly defensive skills erode.  The fact that he also hit 300 career homers makes him a unique candidate this year.

Perry Hernandez 7 All-Star appearances and .321 BA are also note worthy.

Sleeper - Sparky Dessens hit a homer more frequently than any current nominee.


Jose Cordero0.285233691541618260954016043540.5395.9%403132LF
Glen Stovall0.3171963750612322380440138900.5505.9%2840111b
Steven Hutch0.332154663981388212532514443500.5765.1%284011LF
Pepper Henderson0.2851734677611041931323115690.4964.8%284011OF
Izzy Coomer0.3321917726713872411482158580.5896.6%102010DH
Mark Frederick0.3111290498599215512621040750.5525.3%610101B/OF
Derek Rhodes0.324193680681489261807715640.3580.0%20100OF
Yorvit Arias0.291127847138471373371106130.5857.9%00000DH
David Rivera0.32919177377117524252741227300.5003.7%000001B

None of these guys added much in the way of defense, but they did put up some impressive #'s.

Jose Cordero hit 540 HRs and stole 354 bases.  He's also the only 2-time MVP nominated.  Four others have won multiple MVPs.  They're all in the HOF already (3 won 5 times).

Hutch hit .332, stole 350 bags and hit 325 HRs.  All impressive, though it was done mostly in Colorado.

Derek Rhodes is remarkable in that he managed to have over 8000 ABs and never hit a HR.  He did steal 564 bases. 

Given all that, I'm voting for the following:
Bret Davis - Nobody else in this class comes close.
Al Moreno - He's the best pitcher out there and the HOF is short pitchers.
Angel Mercedes - The gold gloves are probably enough, but to also have 300 HRs.
Jalal Rivera - I'm biased, this guy killed me when he was a Badejo, but his prime was as good as anyone's, if a bit shorter.
Rob Perez - Closers aren't my favorite, but he appear to be the best of them and I can't justify voting for more than 1.

Here are the guys I'd consider and wouldn't argue against:
Jose Cordero  I cant argue 
Cody Hall 449 SB, that's impressive.
Pedro DeRojas - Don't sleep on that QS # - he's the best starter that isn't in the conversation.
Fergie Regan - If you think saves are overvalued - go with Fergie.  He 950 more innings than any other nominated reliever and won 58 more games.  He also has the best career ERA of current nominees.  He was a high-leverage guy.
B.C Juarez - He's sortof closer 1A for me right now.

Max Lima - His career was shortened because he was a major league player in season 1.  Yes, those early seasons inflated #'s, but he hit .362 for his career and played 2B.

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