Friday, December 19, 2008

Crownrifico fans protest White Flag Deal

Hiram Bothorn Stadium in the 1st inning(left)

Same stadium in the top of the 3rd (right)

The San Juan Crownrificos fan club has declared a white out. They plan to show up in all white for their next game, stay through the 1st inning and then leave en masse. The vitriol of this response comes as a shockto 'rifico owner wang35.

San Juan dealt staff ace Phil Martin, a 4-time All-star, 20-game winner last season all while just 2 games out of the division lead and with a clear lead in the wild card race. As outrageous as this action sounds, the fans might have lived with it. After all, the 'rificos got back two major league ready players with high upsides in Pedro Zurbaran and Dennis Wan. But, to move a player of Phil Martin's caliber to chief rival, three-time world series champ, Mexico City, who sat just behind the 'rificos is inexcusable to the fandom.

"BENEDICT ARNOLD!", proclaimed the sign from one fan who pledged never to return to Hiram Birthorn Stadium as long as wang35 controlled the team. wang stuck to his guns. "Listen, we've had injury problems and there was no way we were going to win with Phil. I'd rather get two top players that risk losing him in free agency and get draft picks or worse back for him. " Still, fans could think only of the fabeled White Flag trade made by the Chicago White Sox. Nobody remembers that Keith Foulke turned into a great closer (that Mike Caruso smoked WAY too much weed), or the Wilson Alvarez never really did much after that season. They only remember an owner giving up on a team that had a chance. Chances don't come around all that often and these fans will not soon forget.

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