Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Playoff Preview (Cheyenne)

Cheyenne Seminoles (NL West Champs)
Cheyenne won it's 2nd straight division crown and takes on Sioux Falls who they swept in the 2nd round last year.

Sherman Prince (69/73) and Ichiro Kuo (36/37) steal bases with lethal efficiency. They have to, as no hitter amassed even 30 HRs for the Seminoles.

Team BA: .281
Team HR: 170
Team SB: 140

Veteran Moose Gates led the staff with 17 wins but 24-year old Al Moreno is fast becoming the staff ace after a bout with elbow tendinitis earlier this season. 36-year old Adam Edwards was 34-35 closing games with a sparkling 1.77 ERA after struggling last season.

Team ERA: 3.46
Team SV: 61-67
Team HR Allow: 171

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