Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Playoff Preview (San Juan)

San Juan Crownrificos (Wild Card #1)
Fans remain in an uproar over the white-flag deal, but the Rificos somehow held off the Las Vegas Double Downs to the capture the wild card.

A balanced attack saw 12 hitters in double digist HRs. The squad is prone to the strikeout as 3 topped the century mark led by Bob LaRocca's 128. They almost never run, with only Dan Garcia's 28 swipes in double digits.

Team BA: .282
Team HR: 274
Team SB: 46

Nobody won 15 games for the 'Rificos, but the staff has depth in tboth the rotation and bullpen.
Franchise legend Lenny Ohman leads the rotation and Willis Gordon remains a top closer.

Team ERA: 3.93
Team SV: 40-58
Team HR Allow: 225

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