Thursday, April 2, 2009

All-time Standings

A little research I've been working on to give you all some reading material for the playoffs and off-season. The table below shows the "by-franchise" standings through 11 seasons of the Second City World. I've made my best effort to capture this accurately and I believe it is, but if you have questions, let me know. I'll have some additional stuff over the next couple weeks.

Items of interest:
The Austin Franchise is cursed, never having left the cellar. Only 2 teams, Salem and Sioux Falls have won their division every year. They are also the only two teams never to miss the playoffs (a streak that ended for San Juan this year). We have ten original owners that have never left the league, including the 6 winningest franchises; continuity helps. Only San Juan averages more than 100 wins per season.

Notes: The Teams columns represents the # of different team names. This is usually the result of ownership changes but in a few cases it reflects multiple cities for the same franchise with the same owner.

The Average Pl. column displays a franchise's average finish within their division (1 being the winner, and 4 being last place).

PO App displays the total # of playoff appearances for the franchise including both wild cards and division titles.

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