Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monterrey Owner at Risk of Losing Valuable Prospects

In a error of gross proportion, Monterrey Conquistador owner "kmueller" upset thousands with his comment that a majority of Second City Championships were won by Mexican teams. With San Juan winning a number of championships, Puerto Ricans were upset to be called "Mexicans" when in fact the island is its own country/territory/colony/protectorate/archipelago/commonwealth (whatever the heck they are).

The anger was most evident during the recent Mexico - Puerto Rico World Cup Qualifier in Aguadilla, where several riots broke out (Mexico won, 8-0). More importantly, a number of 'Quista prospects from Puerto Rico are now withdrawing their interest in signing with the team. Already hampered by lacksadaisical ownership, losing valuable prospects will not help.

The 'Quista camp has responded with mixed messages. PR liaison Tristan Kochheiser spoke out on the subject: "There are, in fact, more San Juans in Mexico, than in Puerto Rico. Owner kmueller thought that the Crownrificos were from Mexico, especially given that they are named after a beverage originating from the Baja pensinsula. It's an honest mistake... it would be like the San Diego team calling themselves the San Diego Sam Adams Light Lagers. Just doesn't make sense." (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Juan#Mexico)

On his way in to the 'Quista hacienda, owner kmueller was gruff and only offered "you try chasing a case of high life with some Ambien and see if you can tell me the 50 states and their capitals."

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