Tuesday, April 14, 2009

kmueller's wife and the Husafell Stone

The wife of Monterrey owner kmueller was recently revealed to be a former contestant in the World's Strongest Man competition. The heretofore unknown Mrs. kmueller actually won a regional qualifier in the 2002 competition held on Marco Island, FL.

She advanced to the US Final where she, the only woman ever to compete in the the World's Strongest Man, was eliminated in round one by Phil Pfister, seen here winning the keg toss event. Mrs. kmueller was disqualified after attempting to empty the keg, through a funnel into her mouth prior to throwing over bar.

kmueller began courting his future wife shortly after the regional qualifier, which she won on the strength of her amazing performance in the Fireman's Carry event, in which competitor's are asked to carry the dead weight of a drunken commissioner jwendt up as many flights of stairs as possible. After Magnus ver Magnussen set a seemingly unbreakable mark of 23 stories, the future Mrs. kmueller lugged the commish an amazing 94 flights, enough to reach the top of John Hancock Center. Needless to say, the wife's carrying ability has since come in quite handy since she married kmueller, the human equivalent of a Husafel Stone.

Asked the source of her incredible powers, Mrs. kmueller would only smile, but it's widely believed her powers come from the magical pens she keeps with her at all times.

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