Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Double Downs Owner Makes Surprise Visit - Firesale Looming?

Las Vegas Double Downs owner gtce made a surprise stop in Sin City yesterday. The Double Downs got off to a terrible start, losing 18 of their first 25, but have since rattled off 4 consecutive wins. Rumors began swirling of a fire sale that could see the franchise, which has never won fewer than 87 games in a season and has missed the playoffs just twice in 12 season, shed a number of big name players. Sparky Dessens, J.R. Milton, and Francis Bird are just 3 of the players rumored to have been discussed.

gtce was reportedly locked in internal meetings all day attempting to decide the future of the franchise. WCM has also learned that Mexico City Bandejos owner, dyuen, was also spotted in Sin City. Does anyone think it a coincidence that the master of franchise-changing trades just so happened to be in Vegas when the Double Downs owner flew in considering moving top name talent?

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