Friday, August 7, 2009

NKotB Part Three: Tampa Bay Manatees

History: The Manatee Franchise had one shining moment, in season 3, when zachary11 spent wildly on free agents bringing the franchise, then the Charlotte Moon Knights, to the World Series following a 101 win campaign. The team has bee paying for it ever since. The Moon Knights $115M payroll ballooned to $126M by season 5 when threester briefly took over. Darrenmaybeee attempted to pick up the pieces in Season 7, and did his best to add young talent through the draft while keeping the payroll down. However, a budding media career kept Darren's full focus from running the franchise, then based in Washington D.C.

What Happened: In stepped new owner and flamboyant environmentalist, dfdarby. Darby, the 5th generation heir to Thomas Darby, inventory of the Darby Digger (see photo), has dedicated his life to preservation. When the opportunity arose, he just had to get in to baseball. After purchasing the Honor & Courage from DC, Darby immediately moved the franchise to his winter home in Tampa Bay. "I just had to get out of DC," said Darby, "I can't take anymore of those suits." Darby is much better know by his birkenstocks and hemp-based outfits.

Ironically, the outdoorsman and nature lover moved to the team to a dome, but hey, business is business.

The Name: While most believe that the Manatee nickname pays homage to the environmentalist leanings of the owner, the animal's status as endangered has nothing to do with the nickname. The word manatee, is derived from a pre-Columbian Caribbean people's term for breast (manati). dfdarby's other, lesser-known passion is, you guessed it, BOOBS. So he's basically named his franchise after a large swimming boob.

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