Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coco Crisp Snap, Crackle, and Profile: Footsie Wall

In another exciting race, Footsie Wall (6 votes) narrowly defeated heavy favorite, Stuffy Brunette (5 votes), to take the Coco Crisp bracket.

Footsie Wall
Age: 25B/T: L/L
Born: New York, NY
Position(s): P (SP6)
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Footsie, a 25-year old pitcher for the Burlington Bulldogs, was drafted with the 6th pick of the 1st round in Season 3. Footsie is the 2nd winner from the state of New York, hailing from New York City, which of course begs the question: How the hell do these New Yorkers come up with names. One popular story has it that Footsie's father, Paul Wall, when asked how big his baby boy was, replied to fellow rapper, Slim Thug, "about a foot". Thug said, "What do you mean?" The proud papa held his foot up next to the newborn and said "foot, see?" A passing nurse market it down, and hence, Footsie Wall was named. To this day, former partner, Chamillionaire busts Paul's for the name choice.

As a player, Footsie has lived up to his draft status. He debuted in the majors in season 7 with an impressive 15-4 performance. He was moved to the bullpen for the playoffs where he threw 14 effective innings. He threw another effective 180 innings last season, posting a 4.34 ERA while winning 11.

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