Thursday, August 14, 2008

Party like it's 499

Dick Caruso sits upon the precipice of a Second City milestone. After hitting #'s 497 and 498 in Colorado (do they really count there?), Caruso failed to go yard in a 4 game set in Houston. However, he did go 9 of 18, score 4 runs and knock in 5 for the series. Suspicious fans are already wondering if Richmond owner szasza23 told Caruso to hit 'em on the ground in Houston, setting up a monster draw for the home series against Philadelphia. Caruso loves the crowd too, pounding out #499 in the first home game.

Second City commissioner jwendt has ordered that all balls used in Richmond games be marked with special invisible dye to eliminate the possibility of the wrong ball ending up in the Second City Hall of Fame, set to open next year. Treasure hunters are clamoring for tickets to the The Diamond. However, because The Diamond has no OF seating, fans are paying upwards of $300 for parking passes, then arriving at 8AM to vie for a parking spot just beyond the OF wall. Richmond police commissioner Gordon says his staff is stretched to its limit trying to police the lot and prevent a riot when Caruso gets #500.

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