Friday, August 29, 2008

Owner Q & A - Draft Results Responses

Hello owners,

Thanks to all who contributed their expertise and perspectives on the recent draft and draft strategy. Below I have included all of the emails I received back. As always some interesting responses and everyone really does have their own view. Hope it helps you understand and enjoy the league more.

The Questions:
1. Of our most recent draft, how many players do you think will really make your ML starting lineup or rotation one day?

2. In the last few rounds you start getting into players with overall ratings below 60 sometimes even below 50. Do you still sign these guys as fillers (warm bodies) or do you even bother?

3. Which managment style do you consider yourself to be? 1-Yankees-just buy the best ML talent out there and don't focus on the draft or developing talent from the ground up. 2-Rays-focus heavily on the draft, develop talent over seasons, be patient and wait for it to come together one season. 3-Red Sox-balance between buying or selling ML talent at the right price and keeping an eye on the draft and working talent up through the minors with always having a handful of top prospects.

Who Would Win?
Which draft scenario would you rather have or which scenario would lead to the most wins down the road?

Draft A=1 Superstar A+ Starting Pitcher and 4 ML backup C grade average to below average position players
Draft B=5 B grade pitcher/position players who will never make an all-star team but will play everyday

The Answers:
Jwendt - Sioux Falls Dakota

1. - I'd say 3 guys have a chance to become major league regulars. 3 others have a shot to help off the bench at some point in their careers.

2. - It's highly unlikely that anyone in the last 5-10 rounds will ever play in the big leagues. So, I sign them as needed to round out minor league rosters. If their position doesn't fit or if they have really, really bad numbers (like single-digit vL/vR), then I don't. I'd say on average I sign 20-23 of my picks.

3. - I suppose I'd go with answer 3. There's rarely a top-tier free agent available that is signable at a reasonable price. I'll sign one maybe once every 2-3 seasons. Other than that, you have to use every available means to acquire talent - Draft
& Develop, Sign Internationals and develop, and Trade for young players and develop. Notice the key is that you must develop them appropriately in all cases.

4.I'll take Draft A. Superstars are very hard to come by.

hcohenmb - Vancouver Jets
1. Current draft perhaps 1 starting pitcher and 1 reliever of good to average major league calibre

2. I sign them all, if reasonably priced, sometimes in error

3. I rely on draft and now see it not as a solution

Uustal - Albuquerque Isotopes
1. I'd say 4 or 5 with a couple more on the fringe depending how they develop. My answer may be a little skewed though because I had 8 picks in the first 3 rounds.

2. I signed enough players to round out my rookie ball team, but didn't sign anyone after the 17th round. I found the pitchers seemed more valuable than the hitters late in the draft and these are guys who could be decent minor league pitchers for their careers.

3. I'd consider myself into the Red Sox category. I really value young talent, but don't mind spending money on free agency if I have a hole to fill. If there is a player who will help my team and the price and years are right, I will go after him
regardless of age.

4. I'd rather have the superstar in the draft. There are so many other ways to acquire major league regulars who are not starts. You can get them through free agency, trades and rule V much easier than you can get a superstar.

billybob44 - Philadelphia Wolverines
1. I'd say I drafted 2 pretty solid prospects considering how far back I was in the draft. With the 30th overall pick I drafted Robert Moore who I think can at least sneak into the 5 slot in my rotation. I also drafted Miguel Baerga who I think can get some limited time at first base in the big leagues.

2. I like to have some guys to fill my rookie league ball club but when they get below 50 I don't usually sign them.

3. As a Redsox fan it pains me to say I'm more focused on my big league club like the Yankees. I'll usually try to draft the best player possible and use that player as possible trade bait in following years to get that young up and coming star. I
will usually try to keep my ML team a young team with one of the best offenses in the league.

4. I think I'd rather have the superstar. I've found that superstars will put up consistent MVP like numbers while your average player won't be as conistent, meaning you'll never know what to expect from that player.

Dspahlinger - San Francisco Dolphins
1. Three players may make the ML club, none as a star. Given where I was drafting that was very disappointing.

2. I normally sign all draft picks as RL fillers, unless there were very few retirements and I can leave a number of players on the RL team.

3. Red Sox type with a slight bias towards the draft. I like to build through the draft, but with rebuilding clubs like the Dolphins where Money is available I am also active in bidding for expensive international F/A's.

4. The draft scenario would obviously depend on the current needs/situation but I would generally favor Draft A.

Reigny - Santa Fe Fire Hawks
1. Out of my recent draft, I think 2 will make the rotation and 2 will crack the lineup.

2. I still sign them. Yes, the warm body theory works but in other leagues I've actually had them contribute in the AA or AAA level. ( Think Crash Davis)

3. Rays. I tried to be the Yankees and paid for it big time.

4. Draft B

mike1184 - Burlington Bulldogs
1. Out of my draft, I can see my top four picks make it to the bigs some day:
OF Timo Lewis, LR Ralph Harper, RP Jimmie Estrada, and C Fonzie Lewis.
While none of these players will be stars, they should all eventually get significant time on the ML squad.

2. I still sign these players as most of them are extremely cheap, and you will have their rights for a lot longer than if you fill up your minors with minor league free agents. It is getting harder and harder to fill your entire minor league squads, so this is a good way of doing so.

3. I consider myself to be like a Rays management style, as free agents are usually overpriced, and on the last legs of their careers. I will occasionally sign a big free agent if my payroll is low and I feel that player will significantly upgrade my team, but it is rare.

The key to free agency is to find those players which are valued low, and I have found that older pitchers who are more long relievers than starters at their age, but can put in some solid innings on your club.

4. I would take Draft A anyday, as you win with stars over solid players. Draft B would be good if you already had a bunch of stars, but if we were starting from scratch I would definitely go with Draft A.

dberube7 - Helena Hound Dogs
1. Relief pitcher for sure, maybe 1 or 2 more as backup middle infielders.

2. Depends on the signing bonus. I'll sign the cheap guys who can play D or pitch just cause of the need to fill the spots. I try to save the money to go after internationals.

3. Right now Devil Rays, hopefully transition to a more Red Sox approach in a few more seasons.

4. I'll take B, depth is very important. If 5 players from a draft are everyday player that is an enormous help to any team.

hockey_brian - Toledo Boonse Farmers
1. Two Maybe Three
2. I sign as many as possible. I feel that they will stay with the team longer and have a shot at a diamond in the rough. I hate signing free agents to fill a lot of spots because half the team has retired.
3. I'm a Redsox kind of guy. I love the draft and feel I get my share of steals in the draft. But I save some money to spend on the market.
4. Go with the Superstar pitcher

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