Thursday, February 26, 2009


Mexico City Bandejos CF Aaron Pratt was a revelation last season. The Season 4 sandwich pick out of Apple Valley, CA hit the majors with huge gaps in scouts opinion of his ability. After hitting .281 in 303 ABs in Season 9, Pratt was handed the Bandejos CF and leadoff jobs in Season 10. He came through HUGE, finishing with a .348 average, 155 runs scored, and 84 SBs in 95 attempts despite striking out 113 times (he added 14 HRs for good measure). These numbers earned Pratt the CF silver slugger, a place on the All-star team, and several votes for rookie of the year.

The scouts and Bandejo management considered the questions answered. But Pratt wouldn't be denied. Pratt came to spring training announcing to the world that he would prove that he deserved the rookie of the year award. He showed up to camp just 3 lbs. heavier than last year but insisted that he'd actually reduced his body fat % from 9% to 4% while adding 70 lbs to his bench press. The hard work appeared to have paid off as Pratt got 13 hits in his first 6 games, posting a .448 batting average.

But they were all singles. Pratt's agent Sam O'Shea, founder of the O'Shea's casino in Las Vegas, convinced him that the only way he'd earn the accolades and the paycheck he wanted was to become a power hitter. Pratt's approach changed. Since that 6 game streak, his average has fallen to .254 for the season. He's hitting just .229 in the games since the hot start. Moreover, his power has not returned with just 3 HRs and 12 extra-base hits total.

It was also revealed that his off-season work-out regime wasn't just to add to his game. New Line Cinema recently released the trailer for a hastily put together action film starring Pratt and Wesley Snipes as top-secret commando team. The movie is entitled White Hammer - Black Thunder. Snipes declined to be quoted for this article.

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