Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Quick" Scouting Reports of All Teams

Hello again,

I wanted to know what I'm facing as each new series starts so I made up a "quick" scouting report for each team. It is based on the current ratings found under the Franchise Rankings that everyone can get too. For the batter ratings I chose just to average the Starting Lineups and filter out the bench thinking that their ratings would just lower the overall team's ratings.
For the HIT grade I just simply added add the most used ratings of Contact, Power, Eye, L/R spilts.
For the RUN grade I just added the Speed and Baserunning ratings.
For the DEFEND grade I just added the four glove, range, arm strength, arm accuracy ratings.
For the starting ROTATION I just simply added all of the most relevant pitching ratings of Stamina, Control, L/R spitls, velocity, gb/fb, and pitches 1-5. I know everyone has their own way to truly evaluate pitching but I thought for a "quick" overview just adding all of the ratings would be sufficient.
Lastly, for the BULLPEN, I used all of the same ratings except only pitches 1 and 2 since most relivers really just use these two.
The grading is as follows for the 32 teams. The top spot got the grade of PLUS in dark green. The next top 10 teams got the ABOVE average rating in light green. The next 10 teams got the AVG grade in yellow. The bottom 10 teams got the BELOW grade in orange. And finally, the last team in each category got the grade of POOR and colored in red. I don't mean to offend any teams that have this POOR grade. It just helps us all identify our strengths and weaknesses. I hope you enjoy.

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