Friday, February 13, 2009

Smith wants no special treatment

Sante Fe CF, Nolan Smith currently leads the league with 12 errors. While some bemoan Smith's continued place in CF, others blame what they call a disability.

"Listen, I'm not disabled. I was born this way. It's in my genes, but it's not a disability." Smith changed his name when he was young to avoid attention. You see, he's the son of famous Rebel Admiral Ackbar.

As you can, see, Smith's "hands" are really better suited to swimming. His HS swimming coach was deeply saddened when Smith left the team to pursue baseball, feeling he had real Olympic potential given his flipper-like hands. But baseball was Smith's first love. Smith, a former 1st round draft pick, began his career in RF. But Cf was the place that had an opening, so the Mon Calmarian went there. Despite making an unconscionable 41 errors for the Fire Hawks last season, he's back in CF again. He's got such a cult following that he's launched a breakfast cereal (click for commercial).

Part of Smith's problem might be equipment. He's been using a standard glove but he has trouble getting his exceptionally large hands into appropriate fingers. Wilson has offered to custom-make a Calmarian friendly glove but Smith refuses special treatment. Meanwhile, he proudly runs into CF every game. But don't call for a suicide squeeze while he's on 3rd - you're more likely to hear, "It'a a trap!" than see him running toward home before the batter swings. He knows what it's like to attempt to attack the Death Star before the Ewoks get the Shield Generator down.

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