Saturday, March 15, 2008

AL Playoff Previews

As promised here are the AL playoff previews.
Using the same format as the NL here are the team leaders of the playoff teams.
This shows you the ACE, FIREMAN, CLUTCH, AND best SLUGGER on each team.

Now reviewing the Team stats you can uncover each team's strength and weakness. Keep in mind these are playoff teams so a weakness is sometimes hard to find.

Lastly, we compare the hitting and pitching coaches. In a close game it may come down to the strengths of the coaches.

After completing both the AL and NL playoff previews, it is clear that the AL is HITTING dominant and the NL is PITCHING superior. Expect some fireworks in the NL pennant chase as these teams will put up Whiffle-ball scores on each other.
Enjoy the show!

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