Thursday, March 13, 2008

NL Playoff Previews

Get ready for the playoffs! Here is a breakdown of the TEAM LEADERS of the playoff teams.
ACE - best starting pitcher, FIREMAN - top closer,
CLUTCH - best overall hitter most likely the #3 in the lineup,
SLUGGER - best power hitter most likely the #4 cleanup hitter
The best in each category is noted in RED.

Also not to be forgotten is the Coaches. While there are many I thought the Hitting and Pitching coaches would be the best focus. Once again, the best in each category is shown in RED.

Lastly, a quick snapshot of one STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS of each team.

It was hard to find major weakness since these have made it to the playoffs.
But overall, I see that the NL has some powerful pitching talent and depth. The batting while not the highest in the ML categories are well balanced in the middle.
Especially in short series, the pitching matchups will be very close.

Looking forward to some great matchups!
Soon the AL Playoff Previews.

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