Monday, March 3, 2008

Triple Crown Prototypes

I wanted to know the ratings averages of the Top 5 players in the main current stat categories of AVG, HR, and OPS (since RBI's is team dependent). I made a table showing the Top 5 in each with the current ratings of each player. I then averaged each rating to come up with the "prototype" player for that stat. I then combined these three stats to come up with the "prototype" triple crown if you will player.
Take a look at the table and see what you think.

Some of the interesting points I saw were nearly all 80's ratings for the AVG prototype in Contact, LH, RH, and Batting Eye.

For the HR prototype I saw 98 for the Power but only 70 for contact, lower LH and RH ratings, and a surprisingly low 50 for Batting Eye.

For the OPS prototype, you see Contact 80's, Power 90's LH/RH mid 70's, and batting eye still a little surprise at just the 60's.

Lastly when you average them all for the Triple Crown you see 80's across the board on Contact, Power, LH, RH drops to 70's and Eye down to 60's.
Clearly as well Baserunning, Bunting, and Push/Pull do not have any noticeable effect with just 50's ratings.

One last note you can still get an overview with the Overall ratings and how they all averaged around 80 and the average ages were 27-30 as you would expect.
Just some interesting points.

Great work on all of the other blog posts by Jason and David.
P.S. - Most of my stats are in tables and I'm trying to figure out the best way to show them on the blog. Please tell me if it is readable or if you know of another way.

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