Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cy Young Prototypes

I did the same prototype review of ratings for the Top 5 pitchers in 3 major categories. Here are the results.

You may draw your own conclusions but the four things I saw are:
1. ERA prototype - had the most dominant pitches (P1-P4) of all the pitchers.
2. WHIP prototype - the pitchers with the lowest WHIP had the best control and LH/RH spilts
3. SO prototype - the best SO pitchers did have the highest velocity and additionally the best GB ratio.
4. Lastly and not surprisingly, the Cy Young prototype is 80's across the board (ST, CT, LH, RH, P1, OVR). The ratings that were least significant in this study were VE, GB, P3-P5.


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The J said...

Good stuff Darren, can't wait for the playoff previews!