Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vegas players threaten forfeit

After sweeping the Los Angeles Banditos in round 1, the Las Vegas Double Downs are threatening to boycott the first two games of the NLDS against the Sioux Falls Dakota. Vegas and Dakota have battled numerous times in recent years, both for playoff position and in the playoffs.

This time, it's personal. After personally pledging to stay in Las Vegas throughout the series, Dakota owner jwendt issued a challenge to gtc, the Double Down owner. But gtc's player's had a different thought on their minds. After spending most of the week high in LA, the team is not happy to be traveling to the heartland. In fact, several veterans, led by Haywood Hunt, are threatening to sit out the game unless demands for out-of-town hookers, legalized gambling not run by Native Americans, and all-night eateries. Because all 3 are illegal in the state of South Dakota, the Double Downs may decide to sit out the series.

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