Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Expected Win Percent Rankings

Hey guys,
I decided to go to the Advanced Standings and use the Expected Win Percentage (Pythagorean Win Pct) as a way to rank all of the teams together regardless of league or division. Since every team will most likely have a different runs scored and runs allowed total we can do a true rank and not just the win-loss records. This is sort of like our own "Power Rankings" that you see from time to time.
Hope you like it. Also I decided to highlight the best totals (most runs scored, least runs allowed in green) and the worst totals (least runs scored, most runs allowed in red). Sorry to point out anyone on the bottom...don't worry I'm there too.


1 comment:

kmueller said...

great work darren. i don't know enough about exp win pct, but is it better to do this for each league, since DH/lack of DH could skew the numbers between AL and NL?