Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Tribute to the Originals - Part One, flyer1950

One of the Second City originals, flyer1950 put up seven amazingly consistent seasons. The Boise Flyers never finished over 86-76 (season 2) or under 75-87 (season 1). This included a run of 5 straight division runner up finishes, earning flyer the Second City Bridesmaid award (always a bridesmaid, never the bride).

The Flyers made the playoffs just once, as the wildcard in Season 2 where they lost in the first round.

All joking aside, thanks for a great run flyer - you consistently fielded a competitive team and have never been accused of undermining the league with bad trades or other untoward activities.

Among flyers' most beloved imaginary baseball players are, Frank Sierra (5-year starter and franchise HR record holder with 191), William Wanatabe (7-year starting pitcher with 78-61 record), and Antonio Hudson (6-year closer with 153 career saves).

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