Monday, April 14, 2008

Top 5 Centerfield Prospects

One my favorite parts of Hardball is that we get develop our players in the minors, and hopefully see them prosper in the majors. A key point of interest is how good my prospects are compared to those of other teams, so I have worked on a rating system and am going to try and rate the top prospects at several different positions.

Here are the Top 5 centerfield prospects in Second City, according to my ratings, which try to balance the offensive and defensive skills of the players in question. If you feel I missed anyone, please let me know.

Top Centerfield Prospects

#1 – Guy Montague
Honolulu – High A
Age 20
Drafted Season 7, Round 1, Pick 12
Prospect Rating Score – 29

#2 – Torey Lee
Helena – High A
Age 20
Drafted Season 6, Round 1, Pick 16
Prospect Rating Score – 28

#3 – Felix Root
Sioux Falls – Low A
Age 19
Drafted Season 7, Round 2, Pick 69
Prospect Rating Score – 21

#4 – Jose Suarez
Mexico City – AAA
Age 24
Drafted Season 2, Round 2, Pick 62 by Hartford
Traded to Mexico City in Season 7
Prospect Rating Score – 21

#5 – Andruw Leach
Montreal – Rookie
Age 20
Drafted Season 6, Round 2, Pick 57
Prospect Rating Score –19


The J said...

love it Dan - can't wait to see the rest


Nice job Dan. I can't wait to see one of my prospects make the list. Then I can use him for trade bait.