Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Tribute to the Orginals - Part Two - bigking0505

bigking has had an amazing run with the Wichita Shockers winning 3 AL East titles, and 2 wild cards, culminating in a World Series trip in Season 2. Only 1 Wichita team finished under .500 (Season 4) and the franchise was left in great shape with a very reasonable payroll. The king has also shown great loyalty, retaining bench coach Neifi Olivia for 6 straight seasons and fielding coach Luis Pineiro for all 7 seasons.

Among king's legendary shockers are Vin Guapo, a 23-year old with 172 career HR's (he's got a real shot at 500 career bombs), Rich Clark, a 7-year starter @ SS with 327 career HR's and 4 season where he played all 162 games, Charles Kubinski who twice won 20 as a Shocker including a Cy Young award in Season 3, and Rollie Ramsey who went 40-14 in 3 seasons as a Shocker.

Good luck king, and thanks for the memories.

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