Monday, April 21, 2008

Similarity Scores of HBD to MLB

Hey guys, Just playing around but I took the Bill James Similarity Score System of comparing two players to another and applied it to HBD to MLB. Basically, we can take any HBD player's stats from last year (season 7) and compare them to his matching pool of MLB position players from last season to see who is the best match or most similar. The formula and examples are below. Simply put, you take 1000 points and start subtracting the differences you see in the categories below. The results are the top most similar offensive stat players for that position.
When I ran it for my starting catcher Cliff Wagner he compares most similar to Victor Martinez and my backup catcher Chance Sparks compares to Doug Mirabelli.

If you guys like this send me the names of one or two of your HBD position players
you want me to run the numbers on just to give you that added perspective of how good or bad they are with the MLB as a reference.

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