Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Enfuego to Cleveland Rumors False; Enfuego to Turn Up the Heat North of the Border?

Contrary to previous reports that Atlanta Enfuego owner, sonenlaw, was considering moving the franchise to Cleveland, new information has come forward that the destination in mind could be north of the border, in Winnipeg.

An unnamed source indicates that a weathly Canadian fur trader, Guy LeBeoufDeChat, is interested in purchasing a minority share in the team, with the stipulation that sonenlaw is willing to move the team AND change its name. The new name: the Winnipeg Northern Crapweasels.

The crapweasel is a protected and yet elusive native to Lower Middle Canada and LeBeoufDeChat has been an outspoken advocate for the animal.

Atlanta fans already up in arms over the team's blantant mismanagement, have mixed feelings about the potential move. One fan fumed: "That new team would be appropriate for Mr. Sonenlaw -- the crapweasel is well known for covering itself in its own excrement to protect against would-be predators. That's pretty much what he did to our team... I mean who would take over that heap of sh*t at this point?"

Other fans are not quite as negative: "Whatever gets sonenlaw out of the Hotlanta is fine with us fans. We'll get another franchise hopefully in the future... but I'd rather watch old Vick highlights than take my son to another Enfuego game. If I had the chance to call sonenlaw a crapweasal for the rest of my life, you can count me in."

Wildlife experts are also in favor of the move. Terry Irwin, wife of the infamous crocodile hunter chimed in: "The crapweasel needs as much exposure as possible... this would be a great day for not only the crapweasel, but also its cousin the Fecal Ferret. It seems Mr. sonenlaw does great service by imitating the crapweasel with his treatment of the franchise. While the crapweasel prefers to roll around in its own offal, sonenlaw also surrounds himself with complete and utter reeking crap - just look at his team.

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