Thursday, June 5, 2008

SB Record Broken; Dakota Manager fumes; Mexican team protests

In a season filled with bizarre HR derby finishes, surprise potential playoff teams, and the complete and utter abandonment of a franchise - the news only gets weirder. This week, Roberto Servet, of the Monterrey Conquistadors broke the Second City stolen base record previously held by Phillip Moore, of the franchise now known as the Scranton Nittany Lions.

While the breaking of a record does not, on the surface, appear bizarre - the response was. Defiant Sioux Falls manager The J was outspoken about it: "They (Quistas) clearly set out an agenda to tackle this record with little or no regard for playing to win. We all know stealing bases does not statistically benefit a team to win." J continued: "Furthermore, the absolute disregard for defensive minded catchers has only compounded this disease."

The reactions did not stop there. Part of the Conquistadors' push to have a run happy team was the adoption of a "Run for the Border" special at all home games. For each Quista stolen base, fans would be able to use the game ticket for a free taco at any participating Taco Bell. Other Mexican/Latin American/Caribbean team managers were defiant in their protestation of the promo. Manager of the other Mexican franchise, Doc: "Come on. We have enough problems with actual "running for the border" and having to do birthday songs at mexican restaurants... we don't need any more watering down of our culture." Wang of San Juan chimed in: "Hey, at least we're not Mexican."

Scranton tried to remain unfazed by the news, but local paper distributer Dunder Mifflin printed hundreds of flyer copies with "We don't need Tacos, we've got the Amish" and "Moore would 'Beet' Servet anyday." Although the majority of the public are still unsure of the meaning, the manager of Dunder Mifflin is well known for bouts of eccentricity.

Update: the Las Vegas manager recently responded to the record breaking, "It's certainly not a bad idea encouraging promotions. I could possibly talk to city council about lap dances for home runs."

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