Friday, October 24, 2008

Silly Rabbit, Trix is for Communists

The Oklahoma City Bombers used the 2nd pick in the Rule 5 draft to acquire Jose Suarez from the Washington D.C. Honor and Courage. Jose's older brother Livan Suarez is the Bombers top hitter, coming off back-to-back 50+ HR seasons.

The story of the Suarez brothers is a complicated one. The players' father, Luis Suarez recently resigned as head coach of the Ecuadorean national soccer team. Luis was born in Columbia. Fearful for her life with her husband coaching a national soccer team, the boys mother Sonya moved the duo to California. When her job as the voice of the Trix silly rabbit required her to move to Minnesota, she left Livan behind in California, where he completed high school while living with a cousin that plays soccer professionally. Jose never really liked Livan or soccer, calling the sport "a Communist game played by nationalistic pigs." The boys have rarely spoken since.

Jose followed his mother to Minnesota, finishing school in Edina, MN. Jose was crushed when his audition to play the voices of one of the kids in a Trix commercial was cancelled. He threw him self into baseball, and now he'll get a shot to play for the Bombers.

When told that Jose would be coming to Oklahoma City, Livan said, "if he starts talking smack about soccer, we're gonna have words again." Jose is certain that noone in Oklahoma City has ever seen a soccer ball and pledges that it won't be an issue.

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