Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NKOtB Part Two: Sacramento Shockers

The History: Boy is there history. bigking founded the Wichita Shockers and operated the franchise successfully for its first 8 seasons. The Shockers of Wichita finished below .500 just once, made the playoffs in 5 of their first 8 seasons and represented the American League in the World Series in Season 2.

After Season 8, mr_orange and his crew muscled in on the Wichita franchise. Unconfirmed reports had bigking behind on a loan he used to finance a free agent spending spree in Season 4. When mr_orange threatened to cut off his ear, bigking went to the authorities. He was immediately place in the witness protection program.

However, mr_orange legally acquired the franchise in bankruptcy proceedings after bigking changed his name and was re-located to Sacramento. After hiring defense attorney Clarence Darrow on the advice of Mexico City Bandejos owner dyuen, mr_orange was acquitted. The Federal Marshalls released bigking from witness protection after his testimony failed to convict mr_orange. King stayed in Sacramento, re-built his fortune as a traveling mascot and TV commercial star, and bought the team formerly in Oklahoma City at a steep discount.

The Outlook: King is the 4th owner is as many seasons for a franchise that has never made the playoffs. However, the team has won exactly 72 games in 3 of the past 5 seasons, so the cupboard isn't bare. Livan Suarez (.296, 41 HRs) returns to lead the offense. His brother Jose Suarez returns as leadoff man after stealing 76 bases last season. Edgar Romo had a breakout season at age 30 interrupted by elbow trouble, but returns. Former Wichita SS Walter Kingston was brought in to stabilize the IF. Finally, a bevy of young prospects litter the minors and could help in the coming years.

The Name - Well, this one comes as no surprise - see the picture.

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