Thursday, June 5, 2008

The House Loses

Compulsive gambler and owner of the Las Vegas Double Downs GTC, in an attempt to take advantage of the innocent and inexperienced wagerer Doc, proposed a bet on the recent 3 game series between the Double Downs and the Bandejos. The teams were battling for the #1 seed and a bye in the playoffs. The Mexico residents, never one to forget a grudge, always raise their game against the Double Downs ever since the cocky comments made by the Double Downs prior to a playoff series way back in season 4 turned into bulletin board material that inspired the Bandejos to a 5 game rout and propelled them to their first World Series title.

This time was no different as the Bandejos took out their whipping sticks and swept Vegas to set them 6 games back in the hot playoff race. Doc considered the traditional payoffs for bets of this nature: (1) an exchange of tokens from the respective cities, in this case tequilla worms for stripper tassels; (2) forcing GTC to sing the Fighting Illini alma matter; (3) requiring GTC to dress up like a girl and prance around through Eggville.

However, since Doc's girlfriend threw out his tassel collection, GTC can't sing a lick, and well, quite honestly, dressing up like a girl is nothing new for GTC, Doc opted for a different form of payment. Last night GTC had to attend a baseball game at Doc's beloved Comiskey Park (we don't use that new name). GTC compared the experience to being not quite as horrific as going to Lambeau Field. As an added punishment, Doc arranged to give closer Bobby Jenks a bottle of Jim Beam if he would blow the save, which he gladly accepted. The game was then extended to 15 painful innings for GTC, and the last 3 were played in a cold heavy rain. To top off the evening well-known Doc kronie, Kraz, dumped GTC out of the car in a shady barren area of downtown Chicago. Stay tuned to this drama as GTC has vowed to get revenge in the playoffs.

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