Friday, June 6, 2008

Mariotti Strikes Again

The sportswriter Chicago loves to hate has found his way to Windy City Musings. A reliable source within the Las Vegas organization discovered that Jay Mariotti has decided to bring his unique form of "journalism" to the Windy City Musings under the pen 'Doc'. It was easy to tell that Mariotti had infiltrated the blog due to the lack of checking resources, revisionist league history, and misquoting multiple items within the article. All in an effort to defame the proud Las Vegas franchise owner GTCE.

The owner of the Doubles Downs did not lose a bet to the shady Bandejos owner requiring his attendance of a White Sox game, yet the long time Cubs fan was drugged, stuffed in a trunk, and taken to the Southside of Chicago from his luxurious Northside home. The kidnappers, now identified as the Doc Mariotti Four, tortured GTCE 'Clockwork Orange' style through 15 innings of so called baseball. Interviewed after the ordeal, the owner of the Double Downs said he survived only by eating a serving of elotes and some churros.

Jay "Doc" Mariotti who is too afraid to enter the Chicago White Sox clubhouse has been permanently banned from the state of Nevada due to his lack of journalist integrity. This will be a major blow to Doc Mariotti as he has already paid in full for a life time membership to the infamous Nevada brothel the Bunnyland Ranch.

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