Monday, June 9, 2008

Outlaw owner threatens coaches - Firey Viriato responds

Los Angeles Outlaws owner PirateFan13 challenged his coaching staff to correct what he calls an underachieving season. The Outlaws, a wild-card team last season, continue to hover around the .500 mark which is franchise tradition.

Thirty nine-year-old manager, Valerio Viriato responded to the challenge as only he can. "I expect him to do something ... it can't be me, it can be [hitting coach] Pete Kroeger, it can be the players, anybody."

Viriato, the youngest manager in the league, is known for his multi-lingual, profanity laced tirades. The quotes above have been translated by Windy City Musings linguistic consultant Oznie Guillen.

Viriato continued, "I'm sick and tired of watching this [bleep]. If they can't get it done, PirateFan should find should find someone to get it done."

The Outlaws have really struggled with the bats, hitting .261 collectively. Only 1B Kurt Jordan has hit more than 20 HRs (34), but he's batting just .228. RF Brandon Crawford is the only full-time player currently hitting over .300.

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