Thursday, June 19, 2008

Staph and Staff

After losing their #1 starter Joe Randolph to a pre-playoff injury, many in Monterry were cautious about a successful postseason for the Quistas. Now, with star closer and fireman of the year candidate Ned Rivera also picking up a season ending injury, rumors have begun to flare.

"You know, LeCharles Bentley visited Carson Sherman the other week asking about the Mexican Football League and his chances of being picked up by a team in that league." claims Estadio Monterrey facility manager Pepe Pepito. "Although the meeting was over quickly when LeCharles realized that the football league here played a different sport... one has to wonder about the staph infections that beleaguered the Cleveland Browns for the last two seasons."

This statement brought to the media's attention that neither Randolph nor Rivera had their injury listed on the roster. However, as of 9pm Central Mexican time, the 'Quista roster was updated with Randolph listed with an elbow injury and Rivera with shoulder tendinitis. It remains to be discovered whether the original blank injury cards were indeed hiding a potential staph breakout or not.

Jose DeSoto, Monterrey Bullpen Coach chimed in: "We're hoping for some sort of double-Ewing theory here. Maybe this will inspire the kids to play hard and get on a roll.

Fans were not as optimistic,as one fan commented during today's playoff game: "As long as Chance Moriarity doesn't get staph in his one good remaining batting eye, maybe he'll drive in a post season run."

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