Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interview with a Champion!

World Series Champions of Season 8 the San Juan Crownrificos, owner Wang35, took time out of his busy schedule to give us an interview about his reflections on season 8 and what it takes to win it all.

1. What % would you say contributed to your WS Championship?
Batting Average- __%
Power Hitting- __%
Starting Pitching - __%
Relief Pitching-__%

I go with 15%, 15%, 20%, 20%, 5% and luck 25%

Most of the contending teams are pretty good in all areas. My team's starting pitching was on par with most of the other playoff teams and i thought my hitting was weaker. I gotta alot of old guys who just aren't swinging the bats like they used too. The one area i could point to and say, i think i'm better than the other teams, is my relief pitching. Luck certainly played a big part. Too many good teams out there so you have to be lucky. Your guys have to be playing well and for me my starting pitching gave very good efforts throughout the playoffs. That was key because if my starters could keep me in the ballgame, i felt reasonably confident that my relief pitching would get the job done.

2. What were some of your decision struggles during the season? (position battles?, injuries?, slumps?, trades?)
My team is old and like i said they aren't hitting as well as they used too. I scored runs in the regular season but that was deceptive. I think i had something like 50 runs in a game against Infuego. I decided not to trade any of my pitchers and hoped that pitching would carry me in the playoffs.

3. Who were your stars who made it all happen when it counted the most? (your top pitcher and batter?)
Lenny Ohman was the one starter who i can always rely on. In the NL division and championship playoffs, he was lights out. He got beat up in the World Series but i ended up winning his starts. Willis Gordon (closer) and Santiago Sanchez (Long relief) got the job done as well. Hitters, my cathcers Juan Mercedes and Rico Lopez were the only ones to stand out.

4. Did you have any callups from the minors that were difference makers in the post-season run?
Santiago Sanchez got called up and pitched well for me in relief

5. I see you won Seasons 1-2 and now Season 8. What did you learn about HBD from Season 8 successes?
Different styles can win. My early teams were based on hitting, very similar to the Salem team i faced in the world series. Shout out to his team because they easily could have won the title.

6. Lastly, how did you celebrate your championship? T-shirt, ring, steak dinner, Disney World? :)
Not much of a celebration. Alot of my friends are in this world so i can use the title as ammo when we talk trash later.
I'll need it since my team is turning old quickly. This season i can win a few ballgames but next season will be a full blown rebuilding project.

Intervied by Darren (Washington DC Honor and Courage)

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