Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rights of Spring - A BRACKET

Ah the rights of spring, flowers blooming, rain showers, and of course, BRACKETS. This imaginary spring (it's April in HBD world), the best name in Second City Challenge is upon us. Over the next few days, I'll be posting groups of four classic Second City names. You'll have the opportunity to vote for the best of these names. Then, the four prelim winners will advance to the first ever - Second City name Challenge, also to be decided by popular vote (no you can't text something to some random 5-digit phone number, and regular text message fees DO NOT APPLY). Each preliminary bracket will be named in honor of a classic MLB name. Good luck to all, I think.

Special thanks to Darren for starting the nominations.

But First, in tribute to the NCAA - we will stage a play-in vote. You have only four hours to decide which one of Happy Cepeda and Chili Norton will win the play-in game, and make it into a braket. Of course the play-in vote will be held in Dayton.

Voting ends at 2:00PM Central Time

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