Monday, July 28, 2008

NKotb Part Three: Detroit Crimson

After reaching the playoffs in four consecutive years, the franchise has fallen on hard times and ownership difficulties. Last season, in Montreal, the team finished a franchise-worst 64-98. Crimsongm marks the fourth owner in 4 seasons for this once powerful franchise. Attendance looks to improve however, as Canadian fans, many of whom are disillusioned with Vancouver's recent performance, will remain fans of the Crimson. Detroit is just a short drive from Windsor, ON, and who wouldn't want to go to Windsor?

The youth movement begun by Jackster in Season 6 should provide some ammunition as crimongm seeks to make his mark. The defense appears much improved. However, Brad Banks and his 42 HR's have departed for Pawtuckett. JR Milton, the staff ace bolted for Las Vegas. Elit Bonilla (signed from Vegas) and Ricardo Urbina (fleeing the carnage in Atlanta) are key rotation additions. This squad is a work in progress, but with 5 picks in the top 40, they're well positioned to get young quickly.

Great mystery surrounds the reason for naming Detroit the Crimson. Many speculated that the team owner is a Harvard alum, but that's not true. The Crimson are actually named for Ramzee Robinson. Who? That's right, Ramzee Robinson, Mr. Irrevelant in the 2007 NFL draft. He's a CB drafted by, you guessed it, the DETROIT Lions, with the final pick in the draft. So why the Crimson? Because Ramzee played his college ball for the Alabama Crimson Tide. No word yet on the team owner's connection to Alabama, but he's one of two remaining Lions fans in the world.

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