Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NKotB Part Four: Philadelphia Wolverines

After 2 unsuccessful seasons in Toronto, the team briefly stopped in Fargo (they were looking for the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota, but weren't so good @ geography). Then ewd bought the Fargo franchise for $26 worth of trinkets and moved the team to Rochester. There, they became a Second City powerhouse. In Rochester, the Rockets averaged over 110 wins per year, but they could not get it done in imaginary October, bowing out in the LCS in 3 of 5 years while making just one trip to the World Series (they lost).

In stepped Billybob, moving the team to Philadelphia, home of the cheese steak.

The franchise has always hit, blasting 295 HRs last season. Sluggers Mac Ventura, Julio Mateo (both with 54 HRs), David Padilla (40 Hrs), and Rudy Greer (38 Hrs) all move to Philly where their power numbers could increase. The pitching is still average and the defense has huge question marks, particularly on the infield, but this team will score enough runs to win a lot of games.

While many observers assumed that billybob attended the school with the winningest football program of all time, the University of Michigan. However, the team is actually named for the band of rebel high-schoolers portrayed in the 1984 Classic by John Milius, Red Dawn. The group, led by Jed Eckert (Patrick Swayze) abandon their small Colorado town (Calumet) and live off the land while conducting guerrilla strikes on the invading Communist forces. billybob chose the Wolverine name due to his undying devoltion to Jennifer Grey, who portrayed Toni Mason, one of the Wolverines in the film. Grey, would once again star with Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing (1987), but billybob resisted the urge to name his squad the Dirty Dancers.

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