Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Absinthe doesn't spray - Dakota don't care

The Sioux Falls Dakota learned that even when you shake it up, Absinthe isn't great for spraying on your teammates like Champagne. But, nobody cared in the locker room after Sioux Falls won the NLCS behind 7 shutout innings by ace Paul Rhodes.

Clubhouse prankster Paul Byrne secretly replaced the traditional clubhouse champagne with a spread of Czech Abisnthe (pictured right). Byrne did this in response to widespread reporting of team owner jwendt's obsession with green fairy. Manager Esteban Valentin was widely criticized for his decision to start Bartolo Gonzalez coming off an elbow injury. But all that talk is water under the bridge. The big question know is how is the clubhouse manager gonna get all that green stuff out of the carpet in the Sioux Falls home clubhouse?

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