Sunday, January 18, 2009

Owner Profiles Part 2

Hello again,

Here is the next installment of owner profiles from the Winter Meetings Q and A.
Hope you enjoy learning more about the fine, upstanding people your fellow owners are. Our mothers would be so proud.

1. Denver, CO
2. 39
3. CPA
4. Married no kids
5. Lou Pinella gotta love Lou.
6. Early, played in high school. Unfortunately I was a much better football player (played Div II) but baseball was my love.

1. Chicago
2. 40
3. Attorney
4. Single but live with girlfriend who discusses with Jwendt's wife what losers we are for playing "robot baseball"
5. Ozzie Guillen of course. I hate Lou Pinella cause he is a Cubs bafoon who says nonsensical things but is cast as a genious when Ozzie says the same things and people call him an idiot. I hate Tony LaRussa because no matter what he does people says he is innovative and brilliant and hes not. Why would you ever bat a pitcher 8th?
6. When I started playing hardball again 3 years ago and hit a tapper back to the pitcher.

1. Cincinati, Ohio
2. 26
3. Single according to taxes. But have a g/f of 5 years we just recently got engaged.(Guess she would be my fiance then but i like the sound of g/f better.)
4. Build airplane parts at a factory. (3 classes away from graduating with a BS in Criminal Justice from University of Cincinnati, graduated from Police Academy but haven't found a job.
5. I like to argue and yell so it would have to be Lou Pinella
6. 5 years after high school when my high school g/f and i split up. During the HS years I was more worried about my the puntang than anything else. I Decided to pass up on miami hamiltons baseball team because i thought i would be able to walk on at UC. Never got that far cause i was too busy chasing the coooter What a dumb ass I was.

1. Mt. Pleasant Michigan
2. 42 soon to be 43
3. Sales Manager
4. Married with three boys 10 5 and 2 (my wife hates Wis)
5. Hate any yankee Manager most like Ozzie guillen
6. College ball when Iwas told I could walk on and maybe sit the bench did not want to put the work in to sit the bench

1. Geneva Ohio
2. 46
3. Management at a Nuclear Power Plant
4. Married with 1 step child at home, two daughters on there own
5. Tony LaRussa
6. Never a dream, just a fan.

1. Packwaukee, WI
2. 34
3. Sales rep
4. single
5. Don't really like or dislike any manager, I guess i would say i most dislike whoever is the manager of the yankees.
6. Well I new it before this but I would say senior year in college when i lost my starting possition to a freshman.

1. Memphis Tennessee (and Long Island NY)
2. 57
3. Physician
4. Married with older kids and residing part of year in separate cities
5. Would emulate the manager of LA (formerly NY) if I could
6. In my mid30's despite having no real reason to believe there was a possibility

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