Saturday, January 10, 2009


The Sioux Falls Dakota won the Season 10 Championship over the Richmond Confederates tonight. Paul Rhodes threw 7 shutout innings completing a post-season that saw him throw 45 innings while allowing just 31 hits and 10 earned runs (2.00 ERA) while striking out 44 and walking just 9. The Dakota were powered to the 8-3 victory with a 3-run shot off the bat of Larry Price in the bottom of the first. Joaquin Medrano put an exclamation point on the series with a grand slam in the 7th.

As the city of Sioux Falls and state of South Dakota rejoiced, plans for a championship celebration were made. The parade to honor the champs will begin 77 miles west of Sioux Falls at the Mitchell Corn Palace (pictured right). Rarely has Sioux Falls seen a celebration like the one planned. Liquor stores for 150 miles are sold out of Tullamore Dew and Branca Mentha, key ingredients in the naughty girl scout, the official drink of the World Champion Dakota. Dakota manager Esteban Valentin declined to comment due to his drunkeness.

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