Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wreckless Jung ejected, Bandejos in another fight?


Twenty Four year old Mexico City starter Brian Jung really came into his own in his 2nd big league season, winning 20 games. As an 18-year old, Jung signed with the New York BadFish (now Augusta) for $14 million. Scouts immediately recognized his talent, but coaches were just as quick to recognize his short temper. In fact, Jung left Japan after the short temper combined with the martial arts training given him by his father kept getting him in trouble.

Jung competed in martial arts throughout his youth until a tragic incident when the Kobra Kai Dojo, visiting from Southern California, met up with Jung at an event in Tokyo. In the semi-finals, Kobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence attempted to injur Jung with an illegal leg sweep. Jung won the match, but was disqualified from the tournament and banned from future competition when he paralyzed Lawrence in an unsanctioned rematch in the parking lot.

Jung turned his attention to baseball which led him eventually to Mexico City after the Augusta coaches ran out of patience for Jung's outbursts, including two fights with teammates. He seemed to have turned it around in Mexico City until game two of the division series. Coming to bat in a tie game (1-1) in the bottom of the 2nd, Jung was called out on strikes, and snapped. He lunged for the umpire. Only the quick actions of Bandejo 3rd base coach J.P. Springer kept Jung from attacking the ump. Second City commissioner was examining tapes of the incident to determine if a suspension was warranted. But the damage was done. The Bandejo bullpen was touched for 6 runs and the upstart Bulldogs squeeked out a victory evening the series and stealing home field advantage.

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