Monday, January 5, 2009

Crownrifico owner questions physical fitness of fellow owner

San Juan Crownrifico owner wang35, already reeling from a 1st round playoff defeat at the hands of Burlington and mired in a battle with his fans over a "white-flag" trade, fired a shot across the bow of four of Second City's most successful owners. Wang referred szavsza, bossmao, dyuen, and jwendt as "heavyweights". When WCM corespondents pressed for details, Wang was heard muttering, "Have you seen these guys? The Crownrificos would be making money hand over fist if I could just get them to the hot-dog stands twice a year."

Angered by the quote, the teams PR staffs agreed to release this photo from the last Second City owners meeting. The owners in question are shown here in the workout gear, clearly making an effort to get in shape. The Crownrifico PR department is still hungover and failed to repsond to requests for further comment.

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