Friday, January 16, 2009

Owner Profiles from the Q and A

Hello fellow owners,
I received a great response so far to the Winter Meetings Owner Profile Q and A survey. Here are the responses I have gotten at this time. If you haven't done your yet and would like to you can still send it in and I will put it up in the next post.

Here are the questions again that were asked.
1. Location: City, State, or Region where you live
2. Age:
3. Occupation: your job, or student, or retired:
4. Relationshp: married?, married with kids?, or single:
5. Manager you are most like? Lou Pinella, Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa, or Bobby Cox:
6. At what point did your dream of really playing professional baseball die?

1. Bowie, MD
2. 37
3. Government
4. Married recently
5. Tony LaRussa definitely
6. After joining the USAF

1. St. Louis, MO
2. 32
3. Security
4. Married, 2 kids
5. I both love and hate Tony Larussa
6. Playing the game baseball stars on the old NES is as close to playing pro baseball as I made it.

1. Arlington, VA
2. 31
3. Consultant
4. Single though in a relationship involved enough to make HBD a little trickier
5. Like Cox, hate LaRussa, would take Francona over all of your choices.
6. When I discovered I was afraid of the ball

1. San Antonio Texas ( From Couer D' Alene Idaho)
2. 46
3. Retired Oil Field Worker--- Student at UTSA
4. Single Grandfather with one Son and Grandson
5. Billy Martin Love his Passion,But hated his Demons
6. When I was 16-- was an all-state Catcher then a family tragedy occured .Which forced me to give up School and Childish Ways and Go to Work for my Family .Now I can continue my Childish Ways .

1. Portland Or
2. 53
3. auto parts warehouse/sales
4. Married /w4
5. Like LaRussa he wins most with least - dislike Cocky Cox
6. American Legion ball when i blew out arm. They call it rotater cuff now....then it was put some ice on it kid.

1. Cincinnati, Ohio
2. 36
3. Youth Sports Director
4. Married with a 4 year old daughter (Mazzy)
5. Even though I dislike Pete Rose, probably him because I would like to bet on these games.
6. High school, when I decided I would rather be inside playing basketball, even when it was nice outside.

1. Reston VA (about 12 miles west of D.C.)
2. Biological age is 41, but my wife will be the first to say I'm worse than a 3 yr. old.
3. Owner and Director of Construction of Precision Design/ Build Services LLC. ( a residential, commercial, and historical renovation comapny. I have also built on average 10-15 5,000 to 10,000 sq ft homes a year.)
4. I am married for 5 years (second marriage) to Brenda and I have a precocious 2 yr. old daughter named Jaelyn.
5. I am most like Connie Mack (3731- 3948 .486). Mack never had good teams (much like I do) but he refused to give up. (much like I do.... maybe his ex-wife and my ex-wife talked support payments). Oh... I can't stand Joe Torre.
6. My dream hasn't died yet. I'm actually a starting first baseman and occasional relief pitcher in the Northern Virginia Ponce DeLeon Baseball League. (If Robert Redford could do it in the natural, I can do it too).

1. Boston, MA
2. 27
3. Marketing at a professional theatre
4. Have live-in girlfriend
5. As a Red Sox fan, I have to say Terry Francona, but I have a appreciation for Joe Torre was well.
6. At what point did your dream of really playing professional baseball die?
Never played baseball growing up. I did play basketball when I was younger, but my talents were always in music, not sports.

1. I live in a small city called Ripon California. Its about an hour south of Sacramento and about and hour and a half east of San Fransisco
2. 30 almost 31
3. I am a police officer in the City of Ripon for now and am currently working on my MBA online.
4. I am married and have been for the last 3 years.
5. The manager I am most like would have to be Art Howe... I could get my teams to the playoffs but could not win anything :)
6. My dream died after my first year of playing baseball in college. I realized that a lot of people could through 90-91, and being only 5'10 that was about as much as I could get out of my arm. That and the fact that I blew out my shoulder that year. I liked to drink to much back then so I didnt take the best care of my body.

1. Richmond,VA but I'm from Detroit orginally.
2. 36, 37 in Feb.
3. Senior Buyer at Circuit City(at least today)
4. Married with Kids.
5. Sparky Anderson rocks!!!
6. I played Minor League baseball for a year for the Dodgers back in the early 90's( I tore my knee up and the rest is History.)

1. Lynchburg, VA (but also lived in Oklahoma for a while)
2. 34
3. Pharmacist at a hospital (but also maintain the pharmacy computer system too)
4. Married for 5 years with one future Hall of Famer named Luke (14 months old now)
5. I still like old Lou Pinella.
6. I was the leadoff hitter and centerfield star for my championship winning tee-ball team. The next year my Dad wasn't the coach and somehow I didn't make the team. Go figure :)

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