Monday, January 26, 2009

Type A Free Agent Signings

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Well it was a busy Hot Stove season as you can see above with a special focus on the Type A free agent signings.

Some of the most notables signings were the 77 million dollar contract over 5 years given to Phil Martin (SP) by his new team Scranton. Will his 89 ST, 80 CT, 82 RH be worth the price tag? Also, 2nd in career saves, Willis Gordon of Houston now will cash in his 27.6 million over 4 years contract and potentially finish his career as the #1 saves leader with his new team.

While the position player signees were not as spectacular Harvery Womack (SS) of Houston and Miguel Machado (C) of Kansas City bring that rare combo of exceptional defense as well as a big stick at normally weak offensive postions. Their defensive ratings while not shown in the table above were in the 80s for Harvey (ss) and in the 70s for Miguel (c). Will they be the key pieces to their team's pennat runs?

I'm sure it is sad for the fans to see these stars leave town. The owners had to make those tough financial decisions and will be rewarded with supplemental 1st rounds picks in the upcoming amateur draft later this season.

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